Monday, June 25, 2012

Agility Weekend

We just returned from a three day weekend of CPE Agility in Deerfield,NH.  It was over 90 degrees on Friday and pretty warm on Saturday and Sunday as well with lots of bright sunshine!  Midge was her usual crazy self.  Would not wait at the start line so I was racing all weekend to catch up and be able to handle her around the course.  It really makes my blood boil when she won't wait for me to get a lead-out!  We will be working on our Start Line and I will need to accept the fact that, if she breaks, I have to pull her off the course.  It can end up costing me the run anyway, may as well teach her something for the entry fee instead of simply throwing it away!  Here is our very last run of the weekend.  Run #13.  I didn't bother even trying to lead-out.  I'm lucky she stayed put long enough for me to be able to stand next to her and take a deep breath before we took off!  It was nice to end on a high note - with a nice 1st Place Qualifying score - on a tough Level 5 Jumpers course  - with both of us grinning ear to ear!  

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