Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where did the time go....

Oh my!  I have not posted anything here in weeks!  I've got projects sitting on my desk that need to be posted and Agility updates too!  There just hasn't been enough free time to do it!  Midge was sick and we've been to see our Vet so many times that yesterday, she just shook her head and laughed when se opened the door to the exam room!  I'm just resigned to handing over the credit card now.  Today I should get some results in that will rule something out or give us an answer to certain questions.  Now she has something new going on that is a "wait and see" thing ... I don't like those - I'm a "take action" girl!  I want it done and over with - NOW!  But, sometimes, that just isn't going to happen :)

In the midst of all of the medical drama, we managed to compete this weekend, in Agility, in NY. 
It was cold, wet and miserable weather but we had a fun time playing the game we love while make new Agility friends.   I am looking forward to next Spring/Summer when we can re-visit NY and actually know some people out there :)

Until I can come back here and post some of my latest Cards and Crafts, I will leave you with this video from the weekend.  Hope you enjoy it! 


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