Monday, December 31, 2012

Mission Organization

This is what I have been up to the last few days... Undertaking "Mission Organization" in "my room".  I am cataloging all of my wood-mount stamps and wheels so I can flip through to find images or sentiments without pulling out each set to see what it's got.  I started with a binder for my clear mount stamp sets and that is "current" and up to date.  And thick :)  I am almost done with my "wood mount" binder.   I am just finishing up the pages for the Jumbo Wheels then I will tackle my Standard Wheels - then I will be DONE!  It will be so much easier to maintain going forward!  It's very exciting to enter a new stamp set in it's binder :)  I have actually found creating my Wood Mount binder to be exciting - when not being tedious and daunting ;)  It's as though all of my "oldies but goodies" are new again!  I am actually going to start making some projects with these sets and spotlighting them here.  We all have older sets that don't feel loved anymore... poor things.  I plan to change all of that in the new year!

So, Happy New Year friends.  
I am so happy to be facing the new year a little more organized and with a plan!  
There's exciting stuff ahead!

See you Next Year!

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