Monday, January 7, 2013

Mission Organization Update!

On it goes...
Good Morning!  It is approaching 6 am here and I am up early... too early...
My Mom is flying in for a visit so we are off to the airport soon to pick her up!
I thought I would give an update on how my Mission Organization was going :)

I am very excited to announce that ALL of my stamp sets are now cataloged in a binder!!!  WooHoo!
I have all of my Clear Mount stamps in one binder and all of the wood in another.    
All of my Clear Mount Stamps are stacked alphabetically - 
I have separated Christmas stamp sets and Halloween stamp sets so they are easier to access.  

My Wood Mount sets are stacked by size.  I need the "order" that doing this provides.  
 I like how they look all neat and tidy in their stacks :)
Each "size" is then alphabetized.  
My Wood Mount binder is only alphabetical order.  
I did not separate the pages by "box size" in the book. 
I am thinking that I might implement a "dot" system... assign each box size a colored dot and then apply that color to the corresponding stamp set in the binder so they are easier to locate on the shelves.  
I'm not sure yet though... I don't have that many ( and pretty much know my stamps - hee hee) 
so I should be able to remember which size box a set is in.  Time will tell.  

Once I was done organizing my stamp sets, I moved on to my Designer Paper.  
That was a huge chore!
I  have 57 folders of Designer Paper!
Each folder contains one series of Designer Paper.  
The "retired" ones are in snap closure protectors and the "current" ones are in open - top style.

I labeled each package, with my p-touch label maker,  so I would know which series of DP it contains.
My next mission is to create a binder with samples of all of the different patterns and which card stock colors they coordinate with.  That will be a very large project but I am super excited to get it started!

What better way is there, to fall in love with it all again, 
than to touch and feel it all - and really look at each one ?  
I LOVE my papers!!!!  They are soooo pretty!!!!

I hope I have given you some organizing ideas 
or have inspired you to revisit your stamp sets and designer papers - 
I have fallen in love again with my older stamps and papers.
They are happily organized and at my finger tips - calling my name :)
But, alas, I need to get moving so I can get to the airport!

Thanks for stopping by today!
If you have any questions about any of my organization methods, 
Don't hesitate to give me a shout!  I'll be happy to share :)

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