Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Magnetic Platform for the Big Shot Machine

New Magnetic Platform for the Big Shot Machine

Available May 31.2013 in my Online Store!

Click photo for this special video from Stampin' Up!

We are excited to show you a new product called the Magnetic Platform. 

It is designed to use with your Big Shot for Framelits and Edgelits.

                    When you use the Magnetic Platform, you will not need your Multipurpose Platform. 
You will still need to use the Standard Cutting Pads. 
The great thing about the Magnetic Platform is that the magnets are so strong; 

they will allow you to use the Magnetic Platform with your Standard Cutting Pads, 
which protects it.

                                           You will especially love using the Magnetic Platform 
with your stamp sets that have matching Framelits. 
Once you have stamped the images, 
you can lay the paper on the clear cutting pad 
and the Framelits will easily attract to the magnets in the platform 
holding the Framelit safely in place, 

and lining it up to the image - right where you need it.

                                           The Magnetic Platform can also be used with Edgelits. 
They are so fun, but can be frustrating to try to keep them straight 
as they run through the Big Shot. 
You can rig up a solution, like post-it notes, 
but if you have the Magnetic Platform you won't need to. 
You can line up the Edgelit anywhere on your project that you want 

and send it through your Big Shot with confidence that the cut will be in exactly the right place.

                                                              Thanks for watching today, 
as you can see the Magnetic Platform 
is an essential addition to your Big Shot collection.

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