Monday, April 7, 2014

Closing the Closet Door

Where did my Sunday Go?!

Well, I spent my Sunday - or at least 8 hours of it anyway - In the Closet :) 
The Closet of my Craft Room!

My Craft Room is more than that... It is where my computer is, it is where I do all of my crafting, it is where I store my photography "stuff" and my Dog Training "stuff" and my magazines, my books... you get the idea... it's where my "everything" is kept!

And it's not that large a room!  It's not small, by any means, but it's not "large" either!  
It has a decent size closet, and my husband installed 2 walls of shelves in it for me, but it got to the point where I couldn't close the door :)  There were simply too many piles of "stuff" for me to close it!  And, the shelves were getting messy too!  I had to DO something about the mess!  So, about 9am, I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed upstairs.  About 8 hours later, I came down, feeling like I had accomplished something but...not quite believing that what I did accomplish, took 8 hours!  

Of course, I also re-arranged 5 shelves of my two main bookcases as well :)

I wish I had taken "before photos".  It truly was a disaster and this is certainly an improvement!

I love that I now have 2 shelves of my bookcase devoted to my Stampin' Up! Designer Papers and 12x12 Cardstocks.   I do need to go out and buy a few more packages of the storage sleeves!  I have A LOT of 12x12 paper!

I also love that I now have all of my (old style) Stampin' Up! wood-mount stamps lined up on shelves where I can see each and every one of them!  Before, they were in the bookcase and double stacked (front to rear) so I had to dig around when I wanted something.  

I also love that I can now triple-stack my white "shoe boxes" - gaining more storage for things that I need to store away but can access quickly!

I also gained more room for additional stamp sets and a whole shelf for my photography equipment!  If (ok, when) the time comes that I need an additional shelf for stamps, I can go back to the closet and force myself to purge some stuff to make room for my camera bags in there!  It will be a win-win :)

In the meantime, I am smiling because I can now choose to have the closet door open - and have the view of my organized stamps and boxes to look at - instead of the piles and piles of "stuff" nagging at me :)

All in all, I guess it was a good Sunday :)


  1. Mary, you are so organized. Love your space. I try to be organised, then I craft and get unorganised! LOL TFS

    1. Thank you Sharon! I am usually working in a giant mess :) I hope I can keep it this way for at least a little while :)

  2. I would love to have more space. You did a good job. You gave me an idea of putting up more shelves in my closet.