Monday, September 3, 2012

Let the recovery begin...

3 days of CPE Agility Competition came to a close yesterday afternoon.  We absolutely loved competing at Sugarbush Farm in NY.  What a fabulous place they have there!  A true slice of heaven!

Midge and I ran 12 runs over the three days.  It was a really warm weekend, especially in the sun.  We were grateful for the gorgeous fenced-in pond and leash-free running grounds for cooling off and hanging out with new friends.

We Qualified in 10 out of the 12 runs... Midge's start-line stay became an issue again... something we will be focusing on from now on.  We did see a marked improvement in her trial contacts - something I need to be more consistent about enforcing.  The courses were super fun and I was so proud of our team when we met both Jackpot gambles with success!!!  I wish Roger had gotten yesterdays Gamble on video - I would love to watch it and see what I managed to do right :)  

After the last run of the day, Midge said "I'm done!".  She jumped into car in the truck and crashed!  It was over 2 hours before we were packed up and ready to drive home and she didn't come out until we were home and it was time to go in the house!  My poor baby was completely toast!  So, 3 Standard Q's down and 5 to go for our Championship Title!  I can't believe it!  5 more days and we'll be running again - back at Sugarbush Farm next weekend!  Can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you are enjoying this wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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