Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Green Marble Rain

So... Today's card did not start out to be anything like it turned out!
I was sitting down with my morning coffee,
doing what I always do:
"Surfing the Web".

One click led to another, as it always does...
and I came across someone talking about 
"The Marble Technique"
 The results were really cool so this became one of my 
"drop everything and do this now!" moments!

Here I am, sitting in my pajamas, 
and I don't have any marbles!
I go through every inch of my craft space 
I don't even have any "round things" I can use!
Now, I could go get dressed and run over 
to the dollar store around the corner...
they have lots of "round things" 
and they probably even have marbles!
However, that breaks the momentum 
of "drop everything and do this now!".
So... I think outside the box!
I take 12 adhesive backed pearls 
and stick them together!
I now have 6 "round things"! 
- well, kind of round.  Some are a little "off" :)

How's that for "thinking outside the box"?!

Well, as things often do, one thing led to another 
the card I had envisioned in my head, well, 
I just couldn't get it to come together :(
So, this card was born!
It is completely outside my comfort zone!
...It's growing on me :)

We actually made this card yesterday
at my Club Appreciation Event!

If you have enjoyed today's card, 
and would like to make it for yourself, 
the shopping/supply list is posted below.

You can purchase all of the supplies, 
in my Online Store
simply by clicking on the links below.

If you would like to host a Workshop, 
where you and your guests can make this card,
you will find my events calendar 
and more details Here.                                     
No experience is necessary!

Happy Stamping!

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